Terms and Conditions




  • All sales are non-refundable. 

  • Vouchers are valid for six months only.

  • Vouchers are transferable to another name.

  • Date and time changes must be made 48 hours in advance of the flight.

  • If the voucher holder does not turn up for their flight or has not given 48 hours notice that they cannot attend, then the voucher will be deemed to have been used.

  • Vouchers must be presented on arrival. If you do not have your voucher, you will not be able to fly. If you have lost your voucher, please contact us prior to the date of your flight.

  • This is a weather dependent experience and is sometimes subject to cancellations. 

  • North East Flying Club Ltd has the right to cancel a booked flight at any time due to inclement weather or operational reasons.  In the event of this happening another flight will be booked for the voucher holder.  

  • Waiting times to book a flight vary throughout the year depending on various factors. If you require a specific date, please contact us prior to purchase to ensure it is available. 

  • If you arrive significantly late for your flight, it may be cut short or cancelled for operational reasons.

  • The participant must not weigh over 18.5st when fully clothed. This is the maximum weight as set out by the aircraft manufacturer and it is dangerous to exceed this. 

  • The participant must also be at least 14 years of age and not taller than 6 foot and 6 inches.

  • The participant must be able to provide photographic ID if requested.

  • There are certain conditions such as epilepsy or pregnancy which will preclude you from taking part. If you are in doubt, you should contact us initially or seek advice from your doctor.

  • As the aircraft has two seats, only one participant may take part per flight.

  • Occasionally, flights are carried out as Introductory Flights/ Air Tours by an NPPL holder under Civil Aviation Authority regulations detailed in document IN-2015/029. You are able to view this document at our office at any time. If you would prefer to fly with a Flying Instructor, please state at the time of booking.



  • All students undertaking flight training must be members of the flying club. This does not apply to flight experiences. This is currently charged at £49 per annum.

  • The duration quoted on our products is time in the aircraft unless otherwise specified. Pre flight briefings and post flight briefings are included in the price.

  • No students will receive priority over others for bookings.

  • If a student fails to turn up for a lesson without giving 24 hours notice, they will be charged the full amount.

  • North East Flying Club Ltd has the right to cancel a booked flight at any time due to inclement weather or operational reasons.

  • Students purchasing our Complete Licence Package or intensive course should be aware that this does not guarantee them a licence and they may need further training depending on how quickly they are able to learn. Further training will be chargeable.

  • Students who run an account deficit (ie receive lessons before paying for them) must clear their account on request.  It is at the sole discretion of North East Flying Club to offer this facility.

  • Where customers do not make a booking for two years, any pre-paid training will be reduced in value by 50% and where a booking is not made within three years, the training will be deemed as used.

  • Pre-paid flight training is non-refundable.