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Back in 1978 started my flight training at Sunderland Aero Club.

Still remember flying all those years ago in the Cessna 150 at Sunderland

and the Cherokee 140 at Newcastle.

I have always been interested in flying but cost was always restrictive in the past for me also managing time to study as I worked shifts and long hours.

After many stops and starts decided to leave the pilot training until I had more time available to start again.

I have worked in the car industry on production and warehousing for many years then decided to work for myself, set up my own multimedia company for 5 years producing media on CD and DVD also did some consultancy work for Nissan producing the print for the new Micra in many languages.

I now work as a Photographer and enjoying it, later this year I will be training for the approved (CAA) Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO ). This will allow me to undertake all photography and film work commercially using Drones.

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