The Ultimate Gift - Pilot for a Day!

This full day experience will give you an insight into what it is like to operate an aircraft as a private pilot. Learn how to complete a flight to another airport from start to finish!

Meet with your instructor at 9am for a cup of coffee. Then it's off to the briefing room where your instructor will show you how pilots study the weather, decide a route and file a flight plan. You will also receive a briefing on the basics of handling the aircraft in the air. Then it's off to the hangar to inspect and prepare the aircraft for flight. Once prepared and fueled, you will get airborne and set off to your destination. Oh...and you will be flying the aircraft! Grab a sandwich and a coffee at your destination and discuss the flight home. Once back in the aircraft, you will be flying the scenic route home.

This experience is expected to last from 9am to 3pm. You can opt for a recording of your flight using our on-board cameras and take home a memory of the experience.


All of our flights are presented as gift vouchers to be redeemed at the holder's leisure. You can also choose to have the voucher presented in an attractive gift box with a Pilot's Logbook if you wish.

Please note - The maximum weight limit is 18.5st and minimum age is 14 years.

Pilot for a Day!

Would you like a video recording? (£30)
Would you like a Pilot's Logbook and gift box?


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