Flying the CT2K across England

In December, Chris and Lawrence collected G-CCNP from its previous owner. It was based at Heathfields south of Royal Tunbridge Wells and we flew it back to Peterlee near Newcastle.

We found it difficult to get down there by public transport. The nearest major airport was Gatwick but we couldn't find any scheduled flights from Newcastle. In the end we opted to take the train leaving at 3am and arriving at 10am with a couple of mad dashes across London in between.

We were met at the train station by the previous owner. He took us to the airfield where the aircraft was prepped to go. We arrived at around 11.30am. We were eager to get flying as sunset was at 3.30pm and conditions were forecasting a 40kt headwind all the way home.

Why did we choose a day with a 40kt headwind you may ask? Well time was of the essence to collect the aircraft and apart from the wind, this day was the best option with regards to visibility, surface winds and cloud cover.

With the excellent range in the CT2k and a very fast cruise speed of 115kts+, we were confident that we could make it on time if there were no hiccups.

Our actual route

Heathfield to Newcastle

We managed the flight in three hours without having to divert thanks to good weather en-route and an average ground speed of 80kts. It would have been a lot quicker without the headwind and more zone transits but alas the airspace was busy.

The first 60 minutes of the flight was extremely hard work for us as we were in very congested airspace, moving fast, with a new aircraft and instrumentation and busy radio frequencies. It soon become easier as we cleared north of London.

Here are some pictures from the flight.

Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch racing track

Crossing the Thames

Crossing the River Thames looking at London

Damyn's Hall aerodrome

Damyn's Hall Aerodrome near London City Airport

Crossing the Humber

Crossing the Humber River

The Yorkshire Moors south of Durham Tees Valley Airport. As you can see, the temperature dropped as we come further north.

Yorkshire moors still frozen

The aircraft was in the hangar by 3pm- Job done!

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