Flying Lessons Newcastle Upon Tyne

At North East Flying Club we offer flight training for the National Private Pilot's Licence. We are based near Newcastle Upon Tyne and cover the whole of Tyne and Wear and even Teesside.

We operate from Shotton Airfield. This premier location has great transport links by bus and car into Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Our highly experienced team will guide you through the licencing process from start to finish. We also have our own in-house examiner who covers the whole North East Region.

What's involved in getting your NPPL?

The student pilot must clock up at least 25 hours flight training and pass a flight test in order to get their National Private Pilot's licence. In addition, they must take five theoretical exams:

  • Air Law

  • Meteorology

  • Navigation

  • Aircraft General Knowledge

  • Human Performance and Limitations

Training for this is provided mainly with self-study and ground school classes at the airport.

Why train with North East Flying Club?

The best location:

  • Tarmac runways - some aerodromes are confined to grass runways. We have hard taxiways and runways which means that we are not closed for three months of the year when the grass runways are waterlogged!

  • Busy club with skydiving and private aircraft operating. There's always activity at the airfield and lots of like minded people around.

  • Cafe and bar on site.

  • Great transport links, 20 minutes from Newcastle, Gateshead, Durham and Teesside just off the A19. Also there are frequent bus services into all of the local areas.

  • No landing fees.

The best team:

  • Our pilots have thousands of hours of experience

  • We are the only school in the North East with a 100% safety record

  • Friendly and down-to-earth staff

The best aircraft:

  • The Flight Design CTSW is the one of the most advanced aircraft in class.

  • It is easy to fly and has the widest cockpit in class at 50 inches.

  • Has the highest per-seat weight limitation (18.5st).

  • It is the fastest too! It can cruise at 120kts making cross country trips and holidays into Europe realistic!

The best prices:

  • No landing fees mean that circuit sessions are affordable

  • We charge £140 per hour

  • Our extremely competitive Complete Licence Package is still only £3,699.

So if you have been thinking of learning to fly, why not give us a call. We can arrange to meet you for a coffee and show you our aircraft. Call us on 07595 535015.

View our flight training packages here.

Flight Training Newcastle Upon Tyne

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