Learn more about the Flight Design CT2K

The CT2K is one of the best microlight / light sport aircraft available for flight training and personal use. It is manufactured by Flight Design in Germany.

The performance figures are exceptional for this category of aircraft. Indeed, we believe it to exceed any other aircraft in the north of England in terms of performance figures, economy and comfort.

It can cruise at 115kts and has a range of over 1,000 nautical miles. It is powered by the ubiquitous Rotax 912ULS which produces 100hp. The cabin width is the highest in class at 49 inches. This makes it comfortable for all pilots and you will not feel cramped like in other aircraft. It also has the highest per seat weight limitation at 18.5 stone.

To ensure that we always have the best avionics and equipment A Ballistic Recovery System and digital EFIS will soon be fitted to our aircraft, along with traffic avoidance systems and live weather information.

All of this and qualified pilots can fly it for less than £50 per hour!

It really is the best of the best and if you are curious, we suggest you come down to have a look for yourself.

Microlight Flight Training in the Flight Design CT2K

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