Meet the Team

The North East Flying Club core team are listed below. We use the services of other pilots where required. We have a 100% safety record and are dedicated to making your training an enjoyable experience.

Lawrence Bell - Chief Flying Instructor

Lawrence Bell - Managing Director, Flight Instructor and Examiner

Lawrence is an experienced pilot with approximately 3,000 hours on various types of aircraft. He has been flying for ten years and having worked for various other organisations over the years, he then formed NEFC with the aim of bringing quality flight training to the North East at affordable prices.


Lawrence is the Chief Flying Instructor and is also an Examiner.

Paul Eden - Flying Instructor

Paul Eden - Flying Instructor

Paul joined us in 2020 with over 3,000 hours of experience on numerous aircraft types. Paul is passionate about flying and his enthusiasm is infectious. In his spare time, he enjoys flying his own aircraft and playing jazz guitar.

Rob Rose - Flying Instructor

Rob is an experienced commercial pilot having amassed over 9,000 hours on the Boeing 737, 757 and Airbus A321. He also owns a nimbus glider and is building an Vans RV-7. Rob joined us in 2020 as a flying instructor to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with students.

Chris Denham - Pilot

Chris Denham - Support, Pilot

Chris is a qualified pilot who has ambitions to become a flying instructor with NEFC. He joined the team with the aim of supporting us with maintenance and general tasks whilst building his flight hours and experience. He is a talented pilot and an asset to the club.