Learn to fly with the number one provider.

North East Flying Club provides flying lessons in a safe, modern aircraft with experienced pilots.

Learning to fly with us

We provide training for the National Private Pilot's Licence with a microlight class rating. This is the most popular licence in the UK. The student pilot must complete a minimum of 25 hours flight training and as part of those 25 hours, at least 10 hours must be solo.

There are also five written exams which cover the following subjects:

  • Air Law

  • Aircraft General Knowledge

  • Meteorology

  • Navigation

  • Human Factors

Study for the theoretical subjects is undertaken through classroom sessions and home study. On completion of the course, the pilot will take a flight test with our in-house examiner.

After qualifying, you could fly with us for less than £70 per hour

Age and medical requirements

Whilst there is no upper age restriction, students must be at least 14 years old in order to undertake training. In addition, they cannot fly solo until they are 16 and cannot take their flight test until the age of 17.

There is no medical examination. The pilot must only self certify that they are fit to fly. However, there are some medical conditions that may preclude you from learning to fly such as epilepsy. 

You must weigh less than 18.5 stone. If you are taller than 6ft and 6 inches, please contact us.

Why should you learn to fly with NEFC?

  • We have the best aircraft.

  • Our pilots have a 100% safety record.

  • One to one tuition - you will fly with the same instructor every time.

  • We have fantastic facilities at Shotton Airfield including a cafe and bar and lots of activity.

  • Great club environment with like minded pilots.

  • Affordable and very competitive training rates.

  • Centrally located near Newcastle Upon Tyne with great transport links covering Tyneside and Teesside.

  • Able to join our flying group afterwards and fly at drastically reduced rates.


Flying club membership is charged at £49 per year.


Flying lessons are charged at £145 per hour. 


There are no landing fees or touch-and-go fees.

We also offer savings for those who pre-purchase flying lessons.

Five hour starter package £725

  • includes free club membership

Complete Licence Package £3,799

  • 25 hours flight training

  • club membership

  • five written exams

  • pilot starter kit (all study books, charts, equipment etc)

  • aircraft use for the skills test at the end of the course

  • unlimited access to one-to-one ground schooling sessions

Intensive Courses

Intensive courses are available for those in a rush or who do not live locally. At Shotton Airfield we have accommodation available for only £5 per night. Whilst an intensive course can be tailored to the student's availability, we would suggest completing the course over four weeks, split into two parts consisting of two weeks each. The student would start with us on a Monday and stay until the Friday before commuting home for the weekend and returning the following week. This would require 16 nights accommodation. Of course, this is only a template and if you are interested in doing it differently, please get in touch.

After your licence

Students who train with North East Flying Club are able to join our flying group afterwards and fly at incredible rates. You could be flying for less than £70 per hour!

Flying over the countryside in spring
Cruising over the North East